Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham (TRPS)

Registered Office Address: Flat No. 303 H.No. 6-3-1238/303), Elegant Apartment, Renuka Enclave, Rajbhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad - 500082, Telangana State

Registration. No. 98/2023

Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham (TRPS) Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham (TRPS)

Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham (TRPS)

Strength of Padmashalis

Padmashalis are the third largest community and form around 12% of the population of the Telangana state. Our community also has an equal percentage of population in Andhra Pradesh. Though Padmashalis are spread all over India, there is a sizeable population in Karnakata, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat states. Many also have moved to foreign countries for better opportunities and working in various fields.

The Padmasalis are part of the wider community of Telugu weavers, including Devangas, Pattusalis and other 15 weaving communities constituting a sizeable population in both the Telugu states. Though Padmashalis are artisan community but over time, many have moved into modern professions like Doctors, Engineers, Teaching, Advocates, Corporate Sector, IT and Software fields.

Padmashali Sangham

A champion of Backward classes, and renowned freedom fighter Sri Acharya Konda Lakshman Bapuji had constantly fought for the plight of the weavers from Telangana. He was instrumental in mobilising weavers across the country for their rehabilitation in the face of textile mills’ onslaught. He had been instrumental in formation of Telangana Padmashali Sangham and was the margadarshak for Padmashali Mahasabha.

In 2012, Telangana Padmashali Sangham was registered under Societies Registration Act, and subsequent to formation of Telangana State in 2014, it was working as a State Sangham. However, another Telangana Padmashali Prantha Sangham under the aegis of ABPS came into being in 27.11.2016, thereby causing confusion among Padmashalis across Telangana State. There is a court case pending on this issue.

Due to the prevailing confusion, in the last couple of years, across Telangana State, each and every Padmashali felt the need to have a unified and strong Telangana Padmashali Rashtra Sangham which can look into their concerns and play a big brother role.

Genesis of Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham (TRPS)

Genesis of Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham (TRPS)

It is in this context, on 18th September, 2022, at Padmashali Seva Sangham (Kalyana Mandapam), West Marredpally, Secunderabad, under the chairmanship of Sri Rama Srinivas, a well-known Industrialist, and philanthropist, convened a “Telangana Padmashali Coordination Meeting” with the various Padmashali leaders like Sri Goshika Yadagiri, Sri Myadam Babu Rao and Sri Bura Mallesham, other Prominent Padmashali Leaders of the state and President, General Secretaries and Office bearers of Telangana Padmashali Sangham and Vibhaga Sanghams. There was a huge participation for this meeting from 33 Districts, including 26 District Presidents, 5 General Secretaries, and other Office Bearers. Several Officials and Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, and Advocates have also participated.

All the prominent leaders and District representatives, vouched that there is a need to have unity and brotherhood within the community, and endorsed about three-point agenda as follows:

  2. Name of the Sangham to be called as “Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham” and work as an autonomous body representing Padmashalis in Telangana State.
  3. President of Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham should be Elected through Voting only and to be conducted across 33 districts of Telangana.

Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham (TRPS)

The Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham (TRPS) is an autonomous body and functions as an independent organization having administrative control by TRPS State Executive Committee, over its various bodies starting from village to district, solely under the provisions of Rules and Regulations as specified in the bye-laws.


The Telangana Rashtra Padmashali Sangham (TRPS) has been registered on March 24, 2023, Vide Registration. No. 98/2023, under the provisions of Telangana Societies Registration Act, by the Registrar of Societies, Registration and Stamps Department, Government of Telangana.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To safeguard and promote interests of Padmashali Community in Telangana State.
  2. To strive for unity and integrity of Padmashali community and to develop them in various walks of life viz., educational, social, commercial, technological, industrial, professional, cultural, sports and games, religious, economic and political.
  3. To strive for the welfare, development and financial prosperity of the handloom weavers and to accelerate the efforts to promote Handloom clothes globally.
  4. Entrepreneurship development and skill development in Handloom, Power loom & allied areas.
  5. To preserve the traditional linage of handloom profession and its development in the changed circumstances for economic development of weavers. 
  6.  To strive for socio-cultural economic strength and for social justice and political empowerment.
  7. To secure social betterment, economic development and general upliftment of poor and to improve their standard of living.
  8. ­To assist finance to eligible members of our community against security to assist them and to promote industrial enterprises. 
  9. To establish educational institutions to provide education to poor children of our community to enable them to pursue higher education.
  10. To conduct social outreach programs such as lectures by eminent personalities on career counseling, business promotion and skill development. 
  1. To organize and conduct awareness programs on laws relating to handloom sector, legal issues pertaining to weavers, government schemes for the handloom profession.
  2. To identify the reasons for backwardness of our community and to work for the betterment and development.t of Padmashali Community in general and weavers particularly.
  3. Financial support for education and studies, financial assistance to poor students for pursuing higher studies abroad or within India.
  4. To strive for proportionate and fair share in political power at all levels viz., Panchayat Raj elections (Village, Mandal, District), Municipal Elections, Municipal Corporation elections, Assembly and Parliamentary elections and to give due support, encouragement to the Community people those who are willing and eligible to take political participation. Represent the Community with political parties with a demand to provide opportunities to the community people for its due share. It shall consolidate vote bank of the community wherever possible in achieving above objective. The Sangham shall not directly involve in the activities of any political party OR shall not work for the interests of any party and maintain equi-distance.
  5. To encourage and help the students from poor families those who are interested to pursue higher education both in India and abroad.
  6. To co-operate, co-ordinate with organizations particularly those having similar objects in India or in any other country.
  7. Generally, to do all such acts, matters and things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them subject to provisions under the act.
  8. To assist in taking Health insurance to the poor and weaker people our community.
  9. To promote and strengthen National Integrity and democracy.
  10. Any other object not covered above can be taken up by the Sangham.
Functional (District) Sanghams Sectional (Vibhaagam) Sanghams at State & Districts
1). Adilabad 1). TRPS - Mahila Vibhaagam
2). Bhadradri Kothagudem 2). TRPS - Yuvajana Vibhaagam
3). Hanumakonda 3). TRPS - Officials & Professionals Association
4). Hyderabad 4). TRPS - Handloom & Power loom Vibhaagam
5). Jagitial 5). TRPS - Vidyarthi Vibhaagam
6). Jangaon 6). TRPS - Advocates (Legal) Vibhaagam
7). Jayashankar Bhupalpally 7). TRPS - Doctors Vibhaagam
8). Jogulamba Gadwal 8). TRPS - Engineers Vibhaagam
9). Kamareddy 9). TRPS - Rachayitala & Kalaakaarula Vibhaagam
10). Karimnagar 10). TRPS - Political Affairs Vibhaagam
11). Khammam 11). TRPS - Business & Contractors Vibhaagam
12). Kumuram Bheem Asifabad 12). TRPS - Udyogula Vibhaagam
13). Mahabubabad 13). TRPS - Vidya Samstala Vibhaagam
14). Mahbubnagar 14). TRPS - Industrialists Vibhaagam
15). Mancherial 15). TRPS - Adyathmika (Temples & Anna Satrams) Vibhaagam
16). Medak 16). TRPS - Padma Purohita Vibhaagam
17). Medchal–Malkajgiri 17). TRPS - Media Vibhaagam
18). Mulugu 18). TRPS - Matrimony Vibhaagam
19). Nagarkurnool 19). TRPS - Parapathi Sanghalu (Finance Sangham) Vibhaagam
20). Nalgonda -20). TRPS – Retired Employees Vibhaagam
21). Narayanpet 21). TRPS - NRI & Abroad Study Vibhaagam
22). Nirmal 22). TRPS – Divyangula (Physically Challenged) Vibhaagam
23). Nizamabad
24). Peddapalli Various Committees at State Level:
25). Rajanna Sircilla 1). TRPS - Co-ordination Committee (District / State)
26). Ranga Reddy 2). TRPS - Disciplinary committee
27). Sangareddy 3). TRPS - Advisory Committee
28). Siddipet 4). TRPS - Dispute Resolution committee.
29). Suryapet 5). TRPS - Welfare Committee
30). Vikarabad 6). TRPS - Political Committee (MLA & MP wise)
31). Wanaparthy 7). TRPS - Educational Committee
32). Warangal The above committees’ will advise on various matters specific to their objectives.
33). Yadadri Bhuvanagiri --

Resolution / Electoral College

TRPS - Dt18092022_230407_190057


TRPS Voters & Anubanda Sangalu Details (TRPS Bye Laws Page No 8 & 9)-1_230425_102433 (pdf)


TRPS - Village & Area data from Receipt Books (xlsx)


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